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"Bad" is not bad at all!

Neuschwanstein castle

Neuschwanstein castle


This article serves only one purpose ... to correct a very common misunderstanding between the English and the German language, i.e. "Bad" is not bad at all.


Funny, isn't it?


As we were all taught at school, the worst thing you can do is to translate literally from one language to another. That's exactly what the misunderstanding on the German word "Bad" is about.


In Germany, "Bad" is a good thing! It indicates a high privilege bestowed upon a city, whereas the English adjective "bad" is merely a synonym for "awful", "terrible" etc.


So let me ask you, dear reader of this article, where would you like to spend the most precious weeks of the year? Where would you like to spend your holiday: in a bad hotel or in an hotel in a German "Bad"? The latter is much better, believe me. 


Ah, I see you're still confused. Don't worry, here's the simple explanation. In a literal translation the German "Bad" means "bath". The correct translation of the German "Bad", however, is "health resort": climatic health resort, mountain health resort, high altitude health resort, summer or winter health resort.


By the way, do you happen to know a health resort in the very south of Germany, in Bavaria, which offers all of the above mentioned conveniences throughout the seasons of the year in spring, summer, autumn and winter?


Guess which one is the perfect place to go to in Bavaria? I hear you say: Munich. Alright, it's worth while to visit, but too crowded. We have a better suggestion: the cozy health resort of Fussen - Bad Faulenbach. And I'm sure you won't mix up again the different meanings of "Bad" and bad ;-)


Perhaps, you will visit the "bad" health resort "Bad Faulenbach" in Bavaria and then, perhaps, you go travelling on to Tyrol, where you can spend a marvellous mountain holiday in a nice self-catering apartment, enjoy the beautiful surroundings, play golf and, of course, how could I forget, do some sightseeing of the most popular destinations ... such as the Zugspitze and Neuschwanstein castle - an absolute must!


So it's clear to see that "Bad" is not too bad after all.


2008-23-07, Siegfried Einsle -


P.S.: You, dear reader, as a native speaker of the English language, you can do me a great favour and draw my attention to any linguistic errrors I might have committed in this article. Your criticism is highly appreciated!